Support Generative AI Innovation while maintaining Data Governance

A combination of Informatica and Databricks helps enterprises govern data and provide reliable data solutions for AI and ML applications.

Andrew Crider
3 min readFeb 5, 2024
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Generative AI innovations are driving increased investments across industries, with McKinsey’s survey indicating a surge in companies planning to expand their AI investments. This underscores the critical need for robust data accuracy to support these advancements. Databricks Unity Catalog is instrumental in managing complex data environments, particularly for machine learning models and transient data sources. Its departmental implementation offers flexibility and scalability crucial for advanced analytics initiatives, including Generative AI applications.

Data vetted through Unity Catalog seamlessly integrates into Informatica’s Data Management Cloud, empowering various use cases across the enterprise. Enhancements in Informatica’s Data Management Cloud and Databricks facilitate rapid innovation by providing accurate, reliable, and well-understood data. Integrating Databricks Unity Catalog with Informatica CDGC presents challenges due to the latter’s focus on enterprise-level data governance. However, containing Generative AI within Databricks ensures innovation without compromising overall data governance.

Benefits of this integration include a holistic view of the data landscape, centralized metadata management, improved data quality, enhanced compliance, and streamlined collaboration across departments. Organizations can leverage Informatica’s investment in the Databricks ecosystem to enhance data integration capabilities, offering validated solutions for cloud data ingestion, transformation, and management.

Successful integration requires considering factors such as existing infrastructure, data security, and collaboration between departmental teams and enterprise data governance stakeholders. Best practices include conducting pilot projects, maintaining open communication channels, and providing comprehensive training programs to promote adoption.

Integrating Databricks Unity Catalog with Informatica Cloud Data Governance facilitates Generative AI innovation while maintaining stringent data governance standards. This collaboration empowers enterprises to harness the full potential of AI-driven transformation, ensuring accurate, reliable, and well-governed data for future-ready insights and decision-making.

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