Practical ChatGPT: Why are you copying and pasting from the Internet?

It’s time to start building your Generative AI muscles.

Andrew Crider
3 min readAug 16, 2023
Image available to author via unique access to Midjourney; the author assumes responsibility for the authenticity.

You need to start using ChatGPT. Sure, it can be unreliable and make mistakes. Sure, it doesn’t know anything beyond a specific date, but it makes you faster and can quickly add new dimensions to your data.

I’ve talked about how, if you are a Data Practitioner, how to use ChatGPT here, and if you’re looking to enhance your narratives, what other GenerativeAI tools to use.

But those articles are just hypothetical. A real-world example would be augmenting the tweets that you read so that you can use the information later. I like Midjourney to create images, and I’m always looking for new concepts, so when I came across a list of tokens from Tatiana Tsiguleva, I had…