I wonder if you can use this to help detect feedback loops and identify those things that you need to break ... maybe its a chrome extension that you use when you visit the same site too much.

Depending on your perspective, it took a month … or a year

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I’ve been writing on Medium for about a year. This will be my 26th or 27th article (depending on publication dates). My readership numbers have been slowly growing, but something strange happened in August. My numbers quintupled.

Last month will be the first month that I earned $50 on Medium, thanks to this article.

Learn how to plan the development of your application!

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About a month ago, I used Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing to publish my “Second Brain Journal,” an analog tool to help people start building their second brain. It was a big step for me in my creator journey. One of my friends reached out to me and asked … why isn’t this on my phone?

I had done some app development before, but I wanted to approach this app with a little more focus, as it’s a relatively large commitment to start building an application, much less a mobile application. …

This is where I think we really fall down. The problem is that images and audio are hard to search for later, though Transformers are changing how we do things. Are you applying any NLP/ML/OCR to catalogue those types of notes?

Andrew Crider

Head of AI/ML Applications at Provoke Solutions (www.provokesolutions.com) Blogger at recursiveautomation.com

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